Searching the Seinfeld Scripts

Some time ago, I added a feature to this site that enabled people to search all of the Seinfeld scripts.  Generally, people liked the feature and it was talked about on a few forums and blogs around the net.

But I never realized how much the search feature is used.

This past weekend, after having some problems with my web host, they told, me that the search feature was taking up too much CPU processing power, which was causing slowdowns and other problems.  Well, I have tweaked the code behind the search feature, so it should be much more efficient.  Let me know if you notice any speed improvements.

Back to the point, I didn't realize previously how many people are searching the scripts each day.  In the past 24 hours, 1200 searches have been conducted.  That equates to 36,000 Seinfeld script searches each month!  Six years after the series finale, I think that's pretty amazing.

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