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There is an extra that appears at least 5 times in multiple episodes and I was wondering if he worked on the show behind the scenes and was just cast for extra parts. He has two small speaking roles that I can remember. One in the Peterman Reality Tour as a tourist when he says on the bus: "May I have another 3 Musketeers, they're rather small?". The second he says a quick blurb (can't remember exactly) in the episode where Kramer goes into Jerry's fumigated apartment and loses his taste and can't taste the mackanow peaches. He is the guy near the end that owns Buford (?) the dog that Kramer unleashes at Newman. He also appears in other episodes without speaking parts. In The Bris he is at the very beginning when Jerry and Elaine are watching the breast feeding at the hospital and George is admiring the parking spot, as a doctor he walks by in the hallway outside the door for a split second. He is in the Face Painter episode at the Devils game in the stands during the first scene (when Elaine goes and they have shirts on). (Also another person in the stands is the guy from The Secret Code that can't remember anything about Elaine) He is also in the episode where George wants to get a chair for the security guard, he walks by in the background of the first in-store scene. He is also in a few more that I cannot recall at the moment. I'll post them if I see them. Thanks for any answers.

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His name is Norman Brenner and he has actually been in at least 27 episodes:

1. Clerk in the store [The Deal]

2. sitting next to the door at the end [The Chinese Restaurant]

3. Waiting in line at the movie [The Dog]

4. Do you have the time? [The Limo]

5. Gail's cook helper [The shoes]

6. Holding a notepad while George tells Tom Pepper how to say the line
[The Pilot (Part 2)]

7. Sitting at the bar [The Sniffing Accountant]

8. Walks in the corridor while Elaine and Jerry are being asked to be
godparents [The Bris]

9. Stands near George in the "He's got a gun!" scene [The Fire]

10. Waiting at the movie when Jerry says: "He's got the Kavorka" [The

11. Talks to Ada while George says to Nathalie that he's "working for
the people" [The Race]

12. Owner of Buford the dog [The Doodle]

13. Customer at Ross' clothing store when George says to the security
uard: "Tired?" [The Maestro]

14. Een [The Wink]

15. Sitting in the bus [The Muffin Tops]

16. Behind Puddy at the Rangers game [The Face Painter]

17. He ducks when Elaine has to carry her ski's and boots [The Kiss

18. When Jerry is talking to George at Monk's, he is sitting in the
booth in the back corner talking to some other guy. [The Apartment]

19. When Jerry and Vanessa are in Vermont, he is the manager who Jerry
points to. [The Stock Tip]

20. Behind Jerry at Monk's when he says to Elaine: "Well, if he's
doing that good, maybe he's up for another promotion" [The Fatigues]

21. Right in the beginning when Jerry and George are at the
restaurant. He is seated at a table and can be clearly seen in the
background. [The Fix-Up]

22. He walks in the elevator as Vanessa shows up in the lobby [The

23. When Jerry is talking to Phil in the hospital corridor, he walks
by in the background. [The Stand-In]

24. While Elaine, Jerry and Kramer walk in the lab [The Non-Fat Yogurt]

25. In the church at George's conversion [The Conversion]

26. When Kramer has all these people over at Jerry's for tea. [The Bookstore]

27. One of the umpire who walk out on George [The Jimmy]

I found the above list here.

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thanks for the awesome information.