Jack Black in the festivus episode?

Was the long-haired guy(that worked at the betting parlor with sleazy guy)Jack Black? His name isn't in the credits but it sure looks like him.

i think it was:

Colin Malone :lol:

that is not jack black
if you think it is, then you are a moron
you can tell easily because of his vioce
and it wasnt even too long ago, like 1998.
so not jack black

why do you have to insult someone? she was only asking a question.

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i apologize

Hey! We just saw this episode and ha a bet. Not that you guys really helped that much, but I say, "NO" - - - that fella was NOT Jack Black. Heck, it doesn't even look like him!

yes, i agree. we just saw that episode today, and i commented that it looked alot like jack...as he may have looked several years ago. but i can't find any other documentation to prove it's him. i'll bet it was.

on second thought, after seeing all of your comments, i went a step further and went to search for jack black's history. of all of the things he's been in [including t.v. shows], seinfeld was not listed. so i guess i was wrong! oh well...sure did look quite like him!

that show was on tonight, and that is how i found this web site, i thought it was him too.

I know the guy you mean - the greasy stubbled guy? Its not Jack Black - he is a guy that does a porno cable show from his basement or something in LA - i am from the UK and i saw him in a documentary over here. He basically is lewd to porn models, and i think the other guy with him may be his sidekick/co-presenter, but dont quote me on that!

WOW--Wild coincidence. I juse saw that episode and was wondering the same thing you guys were. I went to GOOGLE and typed "JACK BLACK SEINFELD EPISODE" and stumbled on this site. Ya know--I STILL aint convinced it wasnt him, but it looks like you guys did the research already--so thats it for me.

it was not jack black.

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I just saw this tonight and thought it was Jack Black. But as a previous poster in this thread,m I too did some research. There is nothing listed on IMDB which indicates this ws Jack.

Wow. Looks just like him!

Ok, I felt ignorant at first, and i still do to a certain extent because I still don't know who Jack Black is. I obviously missed the boat on this one. Can someone tell me how I should know who Jack Black is. I'm sure he's very popular, considering the amount of people that posted in this thread about him, so I admit that I'm not a big movie goer and because of that, probably missed the boat somewhere.
BUT, I did do a GOOGLE search of "Jack Black" and looked at about 50 pictures of the dude, and I have to say, he looks NOTHING like the guy in the Seinfeld episode some of you think he's in. NEWSFLASH: Just because someone has long hair and sideburns doesn't mean he's Jack freaking Black...Wake up people...In the 70's EVERYONE looked like that. Ladies and gentlemen, I implore you....do some research...I guess this is why some poeple think every black actor who showed up on Seinfeld is the same guy who played Jackie Chiles...we really haven't evolved, have we????

Ever heard of the movie "school of rock"? jack black's in that... the guy in the festivus episode (which i also saw tonight, hehe) looked like jack black but i'm sure it wasn't him

Funny, I did see "School of Rock", good video flick, but I'm glad I didn't actually go to a theatre to see it. And like I said before, just because the dude has long hair and side burns, he still didn't look anything like Jack Black.

this was a rerun in nyc tonight and after watching closely, i'm going to say it was him until i see solid evidence against.

wig? real hair? don't know. it is not like that face could belong to many. it being 1998 doesn't mean anything, except maybe the foundations of his bit-parts (same show - with kids in the hall kevin mcdonald shows the up and down of comedic potential). the weekly seinfelders are usually not recorded on IMDB.

i'm a big jack black fan and i'm pretty sure it's not him. It is interesting to note that he also has a band (tenacious d) and his partner, kyle gass, had a small part in another seinfeld episode. He appears as one of the outcase smokers in the episode where kramer starts the smoking club in his apartment.

Black can't act that good also.