8 Ball Jacket

where could one buy the david puddy 8 ball jacket? for it is the coolest jacket ever!

heya, my names is Ron, and i use to work on the set of seinfeld. i have the actual jacket that was used on the set during the shoot. :) I'm the one who found it :)

email me if your stil intrested otherwise it's off to ebay machina28@yahoo.com

Do you have any other Seinfeld stuff from the set??

Ron, that's awesome. Were they looking for that specific jscket, or did they just say they wanted something along those lines? Any other cool stories???

hey Ron, can I buy the David Puddy jacket off of you? If so my email is c_neylon@hotmail.com

I have a cool story. I don't know what happened I guess I lost track of time but I decide I better hoof it through the train tunnel. Some how I slipped and ruined the very pants I was returning.

You're Batman!

Oh I'm looking right at ya, big boy.

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